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Attempting to create a video tutorial using SmartPool with Playmaker.
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Dear Fluffy,

I am attempting to create a video tutorial using SmartPool with Playmaker. But before I can teach it, I need to understand it, and it has become clear that I don't.

In the Scene smartPoolTest.unity (in the folder scene), I am attempting to spawn obstacles (an elongated sphere and cube) at multiple GameObject spawn points (in anticipation of an endless runner scenario). The initial spawn point works; duplicates do not. I've tried it a myriad of ways, with the spawn pools on a separate GO, on the same GO as the spawn points, w/ the Smart Pool script deactivated on duplicate spawn points, with the spawn points as Prefabs, etc. And I've looked at the example PM Scenes to no avail. It seems like I'm doing the exact same thing as in the example PM Scenes... :angel

Again, all I am trying to do is spawn obstacles from the same pools at several different GO spawn points. Please offer insight as to what I'm doing wrong and then I'll share that knowledge in a video tutroial. Thanks.

Edit: Download link removed!

First, I removed your download link because the package contains not only SmartPool (that's fine, it's free), but also PlayMaker! Be careful what you share!!!

I'll look into it when I find some spare time, but I'm not very familiar with the funny Playmaker way of doing things. It takes me hours do build something with Playmaker that would need 5 minutes in code...
Hi Jake,

As per the fine folks at Playmaker's instructions, I was careful to deselect all the .dlls. Thanks for offering to look at it! It will be of great help for all the people who can't code anything in 5 months let alone 5 minutes.

Quote:Yes, you're right. Making tutorial videos for our products is something we need to put more effort into.

Hi Jake,

Just saw this post from a long time ago! Any progress? No pressure, just want to let you know I'm ready to get this tutorial job done (hope to have it posted by week's end)! Thanks!


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